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Visser Farm's official vegetable lover Gift Guide!

I've been wanting to do this for 2 years and it's 3 days until Christmas so we're just going to go for it! If there's any last minute shoppers, this will be perfect for you. No affiliate links because you should find a local store to buy them from and because there's no time for shipping!

All of us Visser ladies have gotten together and compared notes on our favorite vegetable related products.

I really love these containers from Rubbermaid, it keeps produce fresh for so long! Which is impressive.

Brooke likes these containers, also from Rubbermaid.

Moving on to salad spinners, we each have our favorites. Suffice it to say, they're required in every veggie lovers home!

A few of us love these Titan peelers. I'm a little scared to use them, but I probably didn't give them a fair chance to work correctly. My mother in law's love for them is FIERCE.

I prefer the more common peeler, that's not so sharp.

These fruit and vegetable scrub clothes from Norwex are really great too. They're great for getting the dirt out of the crevices of veggies.

These little bag clips are good to hold bags open for easy filling and then laying in the freezer. I also saw a hack on Instagram to use an upside down jar lifter for the same effect but I haven't tried it. Perhaps favorite veggie preserving tools will be another post!

Mom really likes her cutting board from Pampered Chef

Everyone needs a good knife block.

Cindy uses these grocery bags often.

This is one of my favorite tools, it slices whatever can fit inside into quarters. I think it's meant for cherry tomatoes and grapes and such. However, we use it mostly for slicing potatoes to roast. It comes in so handy and the kids can use it.

There's all of our current favorites! Maybe this will provide at least a little inspiration for your last minute shopping.


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