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Market Cards

What is a market card?

Market cards are reloadable gift cards to be used at farmers markets or our farm. We're hoping they're more convenient than our points based CSA for those that don't enjoy some of the extra benefits of our points based CSA. The biggest advantage of this is the control that's back in the cardholders hands! Checking your balance and reloading the card is all done by you. (Of course, we can help if you prefer!) The other huge advantage is cardholders will be able to order produce from our online store and pay with these gift cards. 

How much does a Market Card cost?

Our cards can initially be purchased in $25 increments up to $400. Any amount can be added to the card as a reload transaction later. Use code: "MarketCard" to receive 5% off reloading the gift card.


Do these cards expire? 

Nope! Gone are the worries of using points up before the end of the season. Cards never expire, so tuck these cards in a corner of your wallet and save it for the next time you shop with us!

How is produce purchased?

Shop at our markets as normal. To find a location that works best for you, click HERE to see all of our markets, their locations and hours. It's a simple card swipe to redeem your market card on our end. You even have the option to get a receipt!  

Purchase your market card


$25 min purchase | $25 Increments | Reloads can be purchased in any amount.


Market Card Bonus:

Cards are always 5% off on our website. Plus, use code "ReloadMarketCard" to get 5% off a market card reload. 

To inquire about our CSA, please email

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