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2023 Thanksgiving in a Box

Thanksgiving is coming soon and we want you to be prepared! Our boxes will help you make a delicious meal for your loved ones. We have 2 big changes to our boxes this year and we hope you will love them!

Fall vegetables in West Michigan, bag of stuffing ,seasoning and cranberries
Large Thanksgiving in a Kit Box

Our meal kits are filled with everything you need to have a great Thanksgiving meal! They have the veggies, the fruit, the decorations, the pie, the seasonings, we even have the recipes! And new for this year? Cranberries and Stuffing mixes! We can provide the turkeys as well! They're grown at a local farm and will come to you fresh so there's no worrying about if they will be thaw in time to start cooking.

Here's the quick details:

We have 3 box sizes. Small serves 4-6 guests, Medium serves 10-12 guests, Large serves 12-15 guests. We'll be taking orders on the boxes until November 13. Order pickup will be November 20 from 11am - 5pm at our farm. At pickup, there will be a variety of seasonal pies to choose from (included with your box). The pies will be first come first serve, so if you're picky, plan on coming early!

Convinced already? Purchase yours here:

Potatoes, apples, celery root, carrots, cranberries and onions
Small Thanksgiving in a Box kit

CSA Members: If you'd like to order a box or a turkey with your points, please send us an email or message. This is a good way to use up points if you have a lot heading in to our winter season.

Market Card Holders: Use your card at checkout on our online store.

We will have all of our other veggies (and frozen chicken) for sale at pickup as well. Depending on what the weather does, we will have spinach, kale, leeks, more fall squash, all of our potatoes, brussel sprouts and whatever else we have in season! If you'd like to preorder your produce so it's ready when you come, that's an option on our online store as well!

Supporting local businesses: As a small business ourselves, we're always trying to support other small businesses. The pies are made at the Ottawa County Tech Center students, the rub is made by a friend of ours, cranberries are provided from Rainbow Farm (Fulton Street Farmers market vendor) and the stuffing mixes are from The Beard and The Gal (Holland Farmer's Market vendor). Recipes are included in the kit as well and those are curated by a long time friend of ours. Apples are provided from a farm in Grant (also a vendor at Fulton Street).

Thanksgiving in a box pickup will only be at our farm on Monday, November 20. We won't be bringing these boxes to market. If you need special arrangements for pickup, please let us know.

Nitty Gritty Details; here's what's included in the boxes.

Small box (4-6 people)

Medium box (10-12 people)

Large box (12-15)

3 large onions

6 large onions

10 large onions

7 Russet Potatoes

13 Russet Potatoes

16 Russet Potatoes

7 Sweet Potatoes

13 Sweet Potatoes

16 Sweet Potatoes

1 Butternut Squash

1 Butternut Squash

2 Butternut Squash

8 Carrots

2 Acorn Squash

4 Acorn Squash

1 Celery Root

15 Carrots

17 Carrots

1 Seasoning packet

2 Celery Root

3 Celery Root

6 apples

2 seasoning packets

3 seasoning packets

1 pie

12 apples

16 apples

​1 lb Cranberries

2 pies

3 pies

1 Sm Stuffing Mix

2 lbs Cranberries

3 lbs Cranberries

1 Lg Stuffing Mix

1 Lg Stuffing Mix

Also available: Turkeys!

They were raised right here in West Michigan and will be processed the weekend before pickup. Turkeys are not included in the box, they will need to be purchased separately. The turkeys are 25-27lbs each.

Order your box on our website!

Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, this is a great way to stock up on produce for the winter. Many of these veggies will last a while if stored properly and it's priced at a discount!

Did we mention the boxes come with table decorations? Included in each box is a pie pumpkin and a sharpie. Take time to write out what you're thankful for. After you're done admiring it, chop it up and make something for dessert!


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