U-Pick Strawberries

The U-Pick Berry Shack has CLOSED for the 2014 Season.  Thank you to everyone who came out to pick and we look forward to seeing you back in 2015!

Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
These hours are weather permitting.  We update our Facebook page the best we can of any closings and changes.
Strawberry Patch Address:
7530 112th Ave
Holland,  MI 49424
*Follow the signs for the U-Pick Strawberry Patch and look for our red Berry Shack in the field!  
 Parking is available by the Berry Shack
U-Pick Quick Tips:
~ Please bring your own shallow containers.  Containers that are too deep will cause the bottom berries to be
   crushed by their own weight.  We have flats/quarts available, but there is an extra charge for them.
~ No appointments are necessary to pick strawberries!  Just drive right out to the fields and someone will greet you
   at the Berry Shack and get you started.
~ Please dress comfortably!  Wear loose clothing to stay cool and please know you WILL get dirty!
~ Tennis shoes are the best choice in footwear.
~ Hats and Sunscreen are a must!
~ You may want to bring mosquito/fly repellent or wear Avon's Skin-So-Soft just in case.
~ Select berries that are ripe and firm.  Berries do not ripen after they are picked.  
~ Try to pick berries with their tops still on them.  When tops are removed, they tend to lose their vitamin content and
   get waterlogged when rinsed.
~ Our U-Pick staff will direct you to start where the little flag is.  This is where the person before you left off.  You can
   continue down the row, taking the flag with you, and leave the flag where you end for the next person
   to start.  This helps us to keep track of what has been picked and what has not.
~ Please try to pick every ripe berry from each plant rather than jumping from plant to plant and row to row.  Keep
   your eyes peeled for the berries hidden underneath the foliage as these are some of the best!  
~ Fresh strawberries off the vine are very perishable and should be used or preserved soon after harvesting.

Tips for Storage:

~ Do not wash berries until you are ready to use/consume them!  If you need to wait a day or two before you can
   get to using/storing them, then try to keep them in the same container you picked them in and keep them cool in
   the refrigerator.
~ When you are ready to use them, wash them carefully in a pan or sink of cool water.  DO NOT LET THEM SOAK
   or they will become waterlogged!  Remove them immediately after rinsing and drain in a colander or spread out on
   paper towel.  Dry them off as much as possible, keeping them from soaking up the excess water.  Hull or remove
   the stem after you are finished rinsing.
~ Washed and hulled berries may be preserved in the refrigerator by adding sugar, orange or lemon juice.
~ For long term storage, we recommend freezing the berries.  Place the berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet
   lined with parchment and place in the freezer until hard.  Then transfer the berries into heavy duty freezer bags or
   prepared containers and store in the freezer.


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