Our CSA Program

"Eating from a CSA share is a change in the way most of us eat...Eating seasonally and locally is a shift from convenience to an appreciation of what's fresh, beautiful, good and nutritious." 

~ Family Lifestyles of the North Magazine

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for  Community Supported Agriculture. They began as a way for customers to get more involved in their local farms and for the communities to share the risk of farming. Customers purchase shares in a farm in the early spring or winter on the promise that the farm will provide them with produce. Spring is a very expensive time to be a farmer because seed, fertilizers, market stalls and farm equipment needs to be purchased or repaired. A CSA program helps the farmer offset their startup cost, which helps keeps the cost of produce lower.


Market Style CSA:

Most farms have a traditional CSA. This is where members purchase a share in the farm and they pick up a box of produce filled with whatever the farm has available that week. Visser Farms has a market style CSA. In the spring, members purchase points, which are used throughout the season at  any  of our markets or the farm to purchase  anything  that we have for sale (including eggs, honey and flowers)!! There are many advantages to our market style CSA:



Why not attend market?

As a CSA member, coupons will be sent in the spring to our members. The coupons change each year but there usually are coupons for U pick strawberries, flowers and tomatoes. We pick a member of the week every Monday to recieve 40 extra points to use during the week as well. We also have an  Early Bird Special that helps members save money!


How much does a CSA cost?

Because of the market style nature of Visser Farms' CSA, share prices vary greatly. Our share prices begin at $50 and increase in $50 increments. This allows for increased flexibility depending on a member's desire for produce. Points are worth $.25 each. 


What happens if too many (or too few) points are purchased?

Members are encouraged to share points with friends or family! If a member is unable to use their full share, Visser Farms will donate the remaining value of the share to local food pantries. Members can also buy more points during the season at a 5% discount. For example, if a member purchases $100 more in their share, they will have 420 points to use instead of 400.


How many points is right for my family?

This is the hardest question for us to answer. It depends on how much you like veggies, if you like trying new things and if you like canning or making jam. All of these can hint towards a bigger share size. Our season is 27 weeks long, so if you already attend market regularly, consider how much you spend per week on average. A $300 share is equivalent to spending about $11 a week. That is not a lot of money when you think about the variety of produce available. But, this will be different for every family!


How is produce purchased?

Members come to any of our markets or the farm and pick out produce they would like. To find a location that works best for you, click HERE to see all of our markets, their locations and hours. Once members have what they'd like, their points are totaled and deducted from their grand total. Our staff knows how many points each member has and are available for any questions. 


Choice of:


$50 min purchase | $50 Increments


Early Bird Special:

If a membership is purchased before  April 1 or November 1,  members will receive 10% more points than what were purchased. For example, if a member chooses to purchase a $100 share, they will be given 40 extra points to use during the season, for a total of 440 points. Your Early Bird Special value will automatically be applied after the purchase!


Our 2019- 2020 winter program is 26 weeks from November 1 - April 30.

Our 2020 summer program is 27 weeks from May 1 - October 31.





To inquire about our CSA, please email csa@visserfamilyfarms.com.