CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a growing movement to connect agriculture and society.  CSA programs allow farm preservation and stability while also allowing people to connect with their food supplier and build community.

When participating in the Visser Farms CSA program, members get to choose from an assortment of produce from our farm or the farmers markets we sell at. 
We offer a 25 week CSA May 12 through November 1. 
CSA "Flex" System:
- We utilize a "Flex" system, which allows for flexibility with your share.
- Each week, you will select the produce you wish to receive by spending points.  Once the produce is chosen, the
  points are tallied and you will "check-out".
- The value of your item's points will correlate with the price of your share.
- If you need to miss a week, you will not lose points from your account.
- Points that are remaining at the end of the CSA season will not be carried over to the next season.
- Points may be spent at ANY of the farmers markets we sell at.  You do not have to select a day or time.  Just
  come whenever it's most convenient to you!
Choice of:
Full Share = $600 | 2,400 points
Half Share = $400 | 1,600 points
Mini Share = $100 | 400 points
Mini Share = $200 | 800 points.
Early Bird Special: Enroll between January 1 - March 31 and SAVE 7%!  
 Enrollment is OPEN NOW!
You may purchase a CSA share at our ONLINE FARMSTAND or you may download our sign up form HERE and submit by mail.
To inquire further about our CSA program, please call (616) 875-7199 or email megan@visserfamilyfarms.com.

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