Our CSA Program

"Eating from a CSA share is a change in the way most of us eat...Eating seasonally and locally is a shift from convenience to an appreciation of what's fresh, beautiful, good and nutritious." 

~ Family Lifestyles of the North Magazine

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Our CSA “Flex” System:

Our 2016 program is 27 weeks long from May 2 - November 5.  Our flexible system makes CSA easier than ever!  Members choose the produce they wish to receive from the farm or farmers market stand.  Once the produce is chosen, the points are tallied and you will “check-out”. The value of your item’s points correlate with the price of your share.  For example, $100 = 400 points.  Please keep in mind the Early Bird Special.  (A point is equivalent to $0.25, meaning an item at $1.25 will be 5 points deducted from your account.)  Points may be spent at ANY of the farmers markets we sell at, on ANY day, and at ANY time.  Just come whenever it’s most convenient to you - as often or as little as you wish.


What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a group of individuals who pledge to support a farm where the grower and consumer share the risks and rewards of food production.  Typically, CSA Members or "share-holders" pay in advance to cover anticipated costs of the farm's operation.  In return, members receive a share of the farm's bounty from the season.


Why Join Our CSA?

There are several benefits to being a CSA share-holder through our farm:  

  1. Quality & Selection: We grow more than 65 varieties of produce to enjoy through the season.  We also offer spring flowers, raw honey, and farm fresh eggs.  You'll enjoy produce that is less than 24 hours fresh from our fields!  There are also 9 different pick up locations to choose from and you may pick up WHENEVER it's convenient to you.  There are no set times or locations for pick up. 

  2. Save Money: Our Early Bird Special will save shareholders 10% when they enroll before the deadline.  For example, when purchasing a $200 share, we will add $20 or 80 points to the share.  (Please note, in previous years, we have used a discount/promo code system.  We are no longer using this method.).  We also provide CSA members with the following perks:

    • Coupon: Buy One Get One 1/2 Off on Your Choice of Hanging Baskets or Patio Tomatoes

    • Coupon: 10% Off U-Pick Strawberries 

    • Coupon: Buy Two 1/2 Bushel Baskets of Tomatoes & Get One Free

    • Redeem your "Strawberry Extravaganza" postcard invite for $10 worth of FREE produce & a FREE totebag

    • CSA Member of the Week: Each Monday, a member's name is drawn and announced on our Facebook page. The member will receive 40 points ($10.00) worth of produce when they pick up their farm share that week.

  3. Save Time: No fumbling with payment at the farmers markets.  There are no set pick up times or days.  Our flexible point system makes for such an easy experience!  You "check out" using points and approve your "purchase" with your signature.  It's a very simple process!  
  4. Sustain a Healthy Michigan Economy: Buying from a local business like our farm helps to create more jobs, re-circulate funds, and can generate wealth right here in our backyard.  We are members of LocalFirst.  Find out more at www.localfirst.com.

  5. Eat Healthy: Our bodies are complex machines that deserve the most nutrition with the most variety.  With over 65 vegetables to choose from, you'll EAT TO LIVE!

  6. Learn Something New: Try something new!  Try new cooking and preserving methods.  Add diversity to your diet!  You'll learn about the challenges and victories we faced that year and gain a greater understanding of what goes on at our farm.


What is the Risk of Joining a CSA?

The risk you take with farm sharing is that you never know just what you're going to get.  Michigan weather, pests, disease, etc. are never the same from one year to the next.  This means the harvest yield is always different.  But that's all part of the fun!


How Many Points Should I Purchase?

This is a difficult question for us to answer because every person, every family, every week is different!  We know some folks who love juicing their produce so they require a large amount of points.  Others have picky eaters in their family or may travel a lot through the summer months.  Smaller share sizes (400 - 900 points) are excellent for single person households or those who may not require as much.  Larger sizes (1,000 - 2,000 points) are good for 2-3 person households and even larger sizes (2,100 - 5,000) are great for 4+ member households.  For those of you who enjoy canning and freezing, our flexible program offers you the option to spend large portions of points if you desire to make pickles, salsa, and other goodies.  You may want to factor this into your purchase as well.  We want to emphasize the flexibility you have with these shares.  Remember that if you find that you need additional points to get you through the season, they may be purchased at any time, and we will add 5% to your share.  And if you find that you are not able to use up the points, there are so many ways to use them up without wasting (i.e. canning, freezing, food pantry donations, dinner parties, gifts, sell to a friend, give to a needy family, etc.).   


Where Do I Pick Up My Share?  How Often Do I Pick Up?

You may spend your points however and whenever you like!  Our program is FLEXIBLE because we know how busy you are.  You may pick up at ANY of the farmers markets we sell at or at our farm!  Find those locations and hours HERE.  


Choice of:


$200 min purchase | $100 Increments


Early Bird Special:

Buy Today -  Mar 31 and SAVE 10%

Buy Apr 1 - Apr 30 and SAVE 5%


2016 enrollment will open soon!


To inquire further about CSA, please email info@visserfamilyfarms.com.